Yellow Dress

Yellow dress

There is this powerful feeling of conquest when the morning is looking brighter and sunny. A powerful force enough to slay dragons in the way of the days’ success.

When I think about yellow,  all the positive vibes stream to form a river. Yellow is the colour of hope, sunshine, happiness, freshness, ,joy and positivity. I believe the sun that lights up in the morning stands for all these positive attributes.

Lately I have also been craving yellow. After this experiment with the yellow dress turned out fashionably great, I am on a hunting mission for more of yellow explorations.

Since fashion is all about having fun, the turquoise handbag and shimmer heels gave the look colour diversity and vibrancy while kicking boring to the curb.

I have embraced more and more of colour since I started this journey and I won’t be stopping anytime soon. This addiction is skin deep inherited from my Mother who was a fashionista in her early days. Too bad blogging wasn’t there because the slayage she would have done would have left people craving for more. For now I will stick to admiring the photos of her vintage outfits, wraparounds and afrohair that was the in thing back then.

Yellow dress

Turquoise handbag and shimmer heels

Yellow dress

Yellow dress

Yellow dress


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Dress, Shoes and Bag: Thrifted

Hair by: Xpressions Salon (0736380950)

Photography: Naomi Samantha Photography


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