Stripped Poking Tee

Stripped poking tee

We are always prepared to do just about anything to make a fashion statement especially when it’s an item we are crazy about.

Lately I have been embracing tees to my style and I find them to be trendy and comfortable. The ones that appeal more to me are those that are colourful, detailed and as far from plain as possible.

I have to confess that when I bought this stripped tee, I had vowed to stop buying stuff on impulse but it was the devil at work. I was seduced by the unique pieces I found here and like an addiction, I kept looking and looking. That is what I thought I was doing until I landed on this poking tee. It was pure joy and all the vows made were stepped on and crushed like a burnt out cigar.

What I loved about it was the poking edges giving it a fashionably bizarre look. Mmmhhmm!… The stripes gave me life. For the edges to stand out, I had to improvise. I fetched two long slender sticks that ran from both edges and met in the middle. This maintained the shape of the tee as well as strikingly showing its unique details. The high low sleeves were designed to cooperatively make the tee shape statement worthy.

So when you meet me rocking this tee, don’t ask how the edges have maintained the shape, just smile and say hi. I will know what that smile means. It will be our little secret.



stripped poking tee

stripped poking  tee

stripped poking tee

stripped poking tee

stripped poking tee


Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely week ahead.


Jeans, Tee and Shoes: Thrifted

Hair by: Xpressions Salon (0736380950)

Photography: Naomi Samantha Photography

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