Stripes and Straps


stripes and straps

Stripes are a must have staple in my closet. Their ability to create illusions is what makes them a necessity in my closet.

From all the fashion literatures I have read, I must admit that the illusion concept has been proved and tested. When wearing horizontal stripes, it makes you look fat and short. Vertical stripes create an illusion of someone looking thinner and taller. And to make things more exciting, pairing both vertical and horizontal will create a memorable look.

Today I decided to explore stripes and straps. For every look I create, I always aim to better it.

With ruffles at the top and a stretchy band at the bottom, this three coloured top was my perfect choice for creating this simple look. The intricate white handles added uniqueness in the look. With pink, black and stripes, the top blended perfectly with black.

To pour more neatness in the look, these white strappy heels with stripe soles was the winner for me. The different chained and roped straps, these ankle heels were the perfect strap shoes for the stripped look.

strappy ankle heels

stripes and straps

stripes and straps

stripes and straps

stripes and straps





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Top and tights: Thrifted

Shoes: Thrifted

Hair by: Xpressions Salon (0736380950)

Photography: Naomi Samantha Photography


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