One Shoulder Dress

one shoulder dress

I remember when this one shoulder design came into fashion was just after high school. Lots of girls would wear  in both tops and dresses forms. At that time I was this shy girl living in fear of exposing even my back. I used to love it on others but definitely not on myself.

Years later, I am proudly wearing that one shoulder dress I feared back then. I love the deep blue colour it was supplied with and the shiny crystals on the side creating ruffles and compressing the dress giving it shape. The designer certainly didn’t deny the request to make it long perfect for the evening.

To accessorize, I wore these silver earrings and the black elastic chocker. The beige strappy heels were the height lifter I needed to make the look classier and of course minimize the dress from sweeping the floor.

one shoulder dress

one shoulder dress

strappy heels and silver earrings

one shoulder dress

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