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Short gaza Fashion Idol

I’m so excited to be sharing something else I’m passionate about other than Fashion which is Hair. I recently attended the Kitenge Fashion Festival Eldoret and kept being asked by the beautiful ladies in attendance which hair I wore. At first, they thought it was my natural hair but after clarifying that it wasn’t, they wanted to know the name of the weave and so I let the secret out of the bag.

As I left the venue, a bulb lit in my head. And I thought why not share this information with other ladies. A lot of us struggle with deciding which hair to weave since there are thousands of weaves in the market.

Some have no idea which style will fit them because let’s admit it, we all have different tastes and head shapes. What fits me may not be a perfect fit for you.

For some of us, our natural hair can’t be as flawless, obedient and a perfect hairline as Sheila Ndindas’. Our only option is to weave to hide the breakages caused by the temptations we always give into that destroys our hair.

You can be as stylish as it goes but when the hair is bad, all confidence dwindles down the drain.

I created this hair category as an inspiration and to also share the tips and tricks as a hairstylist. What is more beautiful than a woman who is more confident in herself knowing her hair is on point and fashion spot on? Nothing………absolutely nothing.

Being a hairstylist, it is easier for me knowing the latest hair and trends in the market. I get to experiment with the ones that fit my taste and suggest the best for my clients based on a number of factors.

Short gaza Fashion Idol

I love puffy and vibrant hair. What I loved about this weave was its mild curls puffiness. Easy maintenance was also a plus for me. Every morning I wake up, I use sheen spray to keep it shiny, an Afro comb to maintain its shape and I’m good to go.



Hair- Short Gaza Fashion Idol

Hair stylist-Joan Xpressions Salon Eldoret (0736380950)


Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely weekend.

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