Crotchet and Curls

Trend locks

June got here so fast and is almost bidding us goodbye. Last month I started a hair category where I will be posting hairstyles and anything related to hair. If you haven’t read the first post here it is.

This month I decided to go all the way with crotchet curls. Since the crotchet style trended, stylists have been re- inventing new ways to make the style more unique.

Trend locks

I have been weaving a lot and this time I decided to change my style to something different. Even a farmer after planting maize and harvesting always plants beans or something else for a change.

I’m probably the millionth person to crotchet curly braids but I have to admit that I rocked it. Such a change from the weaving I am used to.

June was all about crotchet and curls. What better braids than Trend Locks. These braids are so easy to maintain I just wish I could be crotcheting every single time. But as a hairstylist, I have to try other stuff too that my clients might love. There is also this temptation when you are a stylist to try everything. I can never stick to one style. It is just so hard for me. A hairstylist will understand this addiction because we are all admitted patients to the hair rehab centre.

To maintain these curls, I just use sheen spray to make it shiny and fresh. I use my hands to comb through them and balance them to behave.

If you haven’t read the first hair post, here it is Style of May

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