Grey dress and Prints

grey dress and prints

Grey has always been a classy and subtle colour. My theme for this post was subtlety. This grey number stood out for me giving me freedom to pair with a range of prints and bright colours. Its round shoulder gave room for a chunky necklace but I settled for the … CONTINUE READING

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That Black Dress

Black dress

A black dress is a must have in every woman’s closet. The sins these little dresses allow you to get away with are encouragement enough. From creating a slimmer silhouette of you to hiding spillage stains, the black dress is worth of gracing your wardrobe.

As much as we must … CONTINUE READING

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One Shoulder Dress

one shoulder dress

I remember when this one shoulder design came into fashion was just after high school. Lots of girls would wear  in both tops and dresses forms. At that time I was this shy girl living in fear of exposing even my back. I used to love it on others but … CONTINUE READING

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Yellow Dress

Yellow dress

There is this powerful feeling of conquest when the morning is looking brighter and sunny. A powerful force enough to slay dragons in the way of the days’ success.

When I think about yellow,  all the positive vibes stream to form a river. Yellow is the colour of hope, … CONTINUE READING

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Stripes and Straps


stripes and straps

Stripes are a must have staple in my closet. Their ability to create illusions is what makes them a necessity in my closet.

From all the fashion literatures I have read, I must admit that the illusion concept has been proved and tested. When wearing horizontal stripes, it makes … CONTINUE READING

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Double Slit and Open Backs

double slit top

There is no greater feeling than that of wearing something new with the guarantee that you won’t be counting more heads with the same design and colour on the streets.

The streets have been saturated with double slit tops that came into fashion few years back. I was a bit … CONTINUE READING

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Stripped Poking Tee

Stripped poking tee

We are always prepared to do just about anything to make a fashion statement especially when it’s an item we are crazy about.

Lately I have been embracing tees to my style and I find them to be trendy and comfortable. The ones that appeal more to me are those … CONTINUE READING

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Shades of Nude

Shades of nude

I always bubble with joy like a child playing with water when creating looks. The small details that sum up the bigger picture are what fuel my brain to think colourfully and uniquely.

When I think about nude, what comes to mind is embracing one self. Embracing nationality, skin tone, … CONTINUE READING

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Rocking Tees

rocking yees


I have been itching all week to share this combination with you guys. The weather has been throwing tantrums since last week forcing me to dig up my coats and boots from where they were buried here but the sun is finally out Yaaaaaaayyy! What better way to celebrate … CONTINUE READING

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