Seven Meets Seven

Classic Saba Darling

I will start with a confession. This wasn’t intentional in any way. It wasn’t planned but here I am.

My confession is tied to the title of this post, seven meets seven. The coincidence that doubles as a confession is that, I happened to fall for this hair by Darling … CONTINUE READING

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That Black Dress

Black dress

A black dress is a must have in every woman’s closet. The sins these little dresses allow you to get away with are encouragement enough. From creating a slimmer silhouette of you to hiding spillage stains, the black dress is worth of gracing your wardrobe.

As much as we must … CONTINUE READING

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One Shoulder Dress

one shoulder dress

I remember when this one shoulder design came into fashion was just after high school. Lots of girls would wear  in both tops and dresses forms. At that time I was this shy girl living in fear of exposing even my back. I used to love it on others but … CONTINUE READING

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