Crotchet and Curls

Trend locks

June got here so fast and is almost bidding us goodbye. Last month I started a hair category where I will be posting hairstyles and anything related to hair. If you haven’t read the first post here it is.

This month I decided to go all the way with crotchet … CONTINUE READING

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Yellow Dress

Yellow dress

There is this powerful feeling of conquest when the morning is looking brighter and sunny. A powerful force enough to slay dragons in the way of the days’ success.

When I think about yellow,  all the positive vibes stream to form a river. Yellow is the colour of hope, … CONTINUE READING

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Stripes and Straps


stripes and straps

Stripes are a must have staple in my closet. Their ability to create illusions is what makes them a necessity in my closet.

From all the fashion literatures I have read, I must admit that the illusion concept has been proved and tested. When wearing horizontal stripes, it makes … CONTINUE READING

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